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There can never be enough Sam wingfic.
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I discovered tonight that Lexie is fond of shadow puppets. Not only is she frickin adorable but she’s also easily entertained.
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Cecil is very much like his double. When we first heard of Kevin back in Sandstorm, it was clear he was twisted by the odd… culture of his town. No one can deny the blood and the false cheerfulness mixed in with the uncomfortable forced value on work.

Cecil is the same way with the secrecy,…

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Hello! Love you're doing doodles again! How about dog!Tony from your dogvenger comic getting tummy rubs and face smooshes from human!Pepper/everyone? (I love your dogvengers)



Happy will keep you safe Tony…

Kinda turned into Team Iron teasing and petting Dog!Tony

Aww I miss my dumb little Dogvengers comic too… I still have like a page or two half done… but my tablet pen is such a drag to draw/color with.

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you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how math works

hey that means charity will also get unlimited money so I’m game

so both charity and I get unlimited money, sounds like a win win situation.
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procrastination = hijabi babe power
Also available on my Society6 !
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In which WTNV jokes at its own trope.

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